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Here's what the kids say:

Kids testimonial
Dear Ms. Armstrong, thank you for the fantastic show and songs.

"I really liked your performance. I have a pet named Fuzzabella. I made her. . . .I brought her to school. She really enjoyed your show. . .She liked your show so much that she did a happy jump summersault in midair." ---S. Pyrame and Fuzzabella

"Your performance was wonderful. My favorite part was when Anansi, the Spider, tricked all the animals. You have a lot of talent." ---S. Ramnauth, PS 106

"I would love to see you perform again in my school." ---A. Ingram, Third Grade

Here's what Teachers say:

April Armstrong "is wonderful at what she does." ---J. Wooten,

"April's energetic style was engaging to the children." ---J. Santo

"April Armstrong was exceptionally captivating for the kids. She did a good job of integrating stories, music and drama. April also included science and social studies." ---B. Burguest

"I can see a definite difference in my children's comfort in performing and taking risks in self-expression. The children were extremely interested in what she did." ---S. Sheppard, Lee F. Jackson, White Plains, NY

"All the sessions were great springboards for follow up in the curriculum areas - writing, science, art, etc." ---M. Besig-Zmuda