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Stories & Songs from Around the World

Most popular show!

A show that will delight and inspire audiences of all ages! April speaks and sings a tapestry of universal themes of friendship, fairness, patience, courtesy, sharing, bravery, sacrifice, hard work paying off and love using folktales, tall tales and tail tales (animal stories); some old, some new. April’s story chest holds stories from across the continents as well as traditional stories found right around here in the US. Come with her and visit South Africa, Jamaica & The Caribbean, Mexico, Russia, India, The United Kingdom, Haiti, Nigeria, China, Scandinavia, South America and many, many more. Audience participation is definitely requested.

World Stories

April performing at PS 69 in Brooklyn, NY

April also shares stories of the Native American cultures of the US and of the Caribbean Islands, such as the Taino of Puerto Rico.

This show can include Ananci Tales & Trickster Tales.


Two is even more fun than one!

Negril Elementary School in Jamaica, 2009.

Stories and Songs from Around the World
can be performed with an additional musician on piano or guitar. Please ask about an affordable fee for a two person show for your event.

April and Ayodele Maakheru, banjo, perform at Bank Street School for Children, NYC 2012