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Halloween stories

Stories of the Night
Halloween Tales

A bump in the dark, dark night.
Things just not feeling right.
Creepy shadows, full moon,
Howling wolves, a haunting tune.
Uh oh, it's time for Halloween!

April 's stories might just give you a jump. Or maybe you'll want to giggle. Either way, you will enjoy tales of ghosts and witches, weird creatures and talking black cats. Let's not forget maniacal gingerbread cookies and pictures that come alive. April's blends haunting melodies with creepy tales for an entertaining, though not too frightening program. Your spine will shiver or your skin might tingle or you may just laugh (not out loud though; they might hear you!). Have no fear, either way, you'll have a good time.

Halloween at Flushing


April telling spooky tales at Flushing Town Hall.

Every culture has scary stories to share. April uses new and old stories from all around the US, including ghost stories from our own New York State. Other stories hail from the UK, African countries, South America, the Caribbean and more.

Stories of the Night - Halloween Tales can be suited for any age group; from pre-k to adults. Great program for camp settings, too!


Two is spookier than one!

April will bring a live musician (or two!) with her to join in the celebration. Please ask about an affordable fee for a two or three person show for your event.

Pictured here are April and Ayodele Maakheru at Sunnyside, Washington Irving's House in Irvington, NY