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Festival of Lights!
Holiday Time Stories

Listen to magical tales of Universal Light, Peace and Good Will Toward All.

April can help you celebrate the season with traditional songs and stories from across the globe.

Italian christmas story

April telling the folktake Old Bufana, a Christmas story from Italy

April tells stories of Hannuka, Christmas, and Diwali,* the Winter Solstice and others. Pull up a chair and share the warmth.

Start a tradition in your school or community center with a program of stories of the season!

April brings stories from different cultures that illustrate the meaning of the Christmas miracle, or Jewish stories, like the People of Chelm, or the Indian Festival of Lights called Diwali.

Staten Island Students

Staten Island students listening

Learn how Coyote came to decorate the night sky (Native American story) or what happened when the Sun and the Moon (A story from India) and the Wind went out to dinner or just did the People of Chelm try to steal the moon or why is thirteen a baker's dozen.

Programs can be constructed to satisfy the needs of your audience.

*What is Diwali?

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, held in the period October to November. Associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, marking the beginning of the fiscal year in India.

Storytelling April Armstrong, Storyteller

Or why not have April come and do a Unity Workshop with your youth or adult group!

April will lead your group through a series of challenges with activities that are fun, energizing and make you think. Participants will listen, think, share and get tell their own stories.

The Winter Wonderland Singers and Storytellers

Invite some carolers into your home! Or school or office party. April's Winter Wonderland Singers will accompany her stories, a capella, for a delightful and uplifting hour of entertainment.

Caroling, New York

Sing-a-long with your favorite seasonal songs:

Caroling, Caroling, Deck the Halls, Hey, Hey, Ho, Up on a Roof Top, Jingle Bell Rock, Rudolph, Twelve Days of X-Mas, Jingle Bells, Wish We You A Merry Christmas April and the Winter Wonderland Singers


How to say Merry Christmas
Around the World

Caroling, New York Caroling, New York


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