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Stories of Hispanic Heritage

¡Escuchame, por favor!

And hear songs and stories from over the border and across the ocean. April brings folktales from Mexico, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Cuba, Spain and others, to life. April weaves songs with stories, old and new with themes everyone can share. April tells stories with Spanish American themes, as well.

Accompanied by Guillermo Guerrero, from the landmark Andes group, Tawantinsuyo; on pan flutes, guitars, shakers and drums; they sing traditional folksongs, in Spanish.

A show and tell of traditional instruments of the Andes and wardrobe of Guatemala is part of the show. Audience participation is encouraged in our sing-a-long as well as the stories.

Hispanic Heritage

April and Guillermo with student trying out traditional Guatemalan dress at PS 163 in Flushing, Queens, 2011

Sing-a-long Songs Include:    

De Colores - (from Mexico)
Que Llueva - (children's chant with hand gestures)
Cielito Lindo - (from Mexico)
El Barquito - (from Paraguay & Spain)
Arroz con Leche - (Puerto Rico)

This is a 2 person show suitable for schools during Hispanic Heritage Month as well as Cinco de Mayo Celebrations!

This program is suitable for grades pre-K to 8th grade.

"Si no limpiar detras de las orejas que se va a crecer una calabaza bebe"
from Carlos and the Squash Plant by Jan Romero Stevens

(Translation: "If you don't clean behind your ears you are going to grow a baby squash!")