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Tellin' Tales

Ananci, Rabbit, Raven and Other Tricksters

A fun filled show where anything can happen. Sometimes even the tricksters get tricked!*

April spins yarns about your favorite tricky characters from Africa, the Caribbean, Native American tribes and African American traditions. Ananci, Fox, Brer Rabbit, Coyote and Raven join in the fun as they scheme their way out of tricky situations. Sometimes they even invent new things.

Trickster storytelling

April at Animals and Acrobats at
Van Cortland Manor in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Great fun for children of all ages: including adults!

Tellin' Tales is available all year 'round. This show is appropriate for grades 1 through High School.

*Trickster Tales can be heard in many cultures around the world. They are the stories the innocent fool or reluctant hero. Trickster stories are about the little guy or gal who doesn't stand a chance but somehow, through their cleverness (or laziness) manages to overcome obstacles.

These stories touch our sense of creativity and resourcefulness. They hold answers to impossible questions, like "How the stars came to be in the sky?" or "What does Tiger Tale Soup really taste like?" Usually an animal character as the central protagonist but there are stories of tricky people, too!

Trickster stories

April telling stories at the Story Grove at Clearwater Festival on the Hudson

Want to have some serious fun?

Schedule a Storytelling Residency.

How about a storytelling or drama workshop or residency in your school or community center? Workshops can be tailored to fit your group's needs and goals. Residencies begin at 3 visits, up to 20 visits. A planning session with teachers or groups leaders at your site kicks off the residency. Workshop curriculum is planned out with a goal in mind for the duration of the residency.

Story Residencies

April and Ayodele Maakheru telling stories and making music for Summer on the Hudson at Riverside Park, 2008

Two person shows are available.

Ask April

April will bring a live musician (or two!) with her to join in the celebration. Please ask about an affordable fee for a two or three person show for your event.

Storyteller NY

Peekskill Summer Storytelling


April at Hans Christian Anderson Statue