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April's Bio

April weaves melodies and words for a refreshing and compelling style of storytelling. Her story programs are fun and interactive. She tells multi-cultural tales, including African-American and Latino stories. April's stories delight, inform and inspire audiences of all ages. She tells stories for schools, colleges, libraries, museums and festivals. Her storytelling has taken her throughout NYC tri-state area; to Florida, Georgia, and California. She told stories at the Negril Elementary School in Jamaica and in Bali, Indonesia at the Pelangi International School.

April's Story

I've been telling stories since I was in first grade. When I first learned to read, my favorite book was "Are You My Mother." Being a 1st grader, I could go to other rooms and read to the younger students. The teachers realized I wasn't actually reading, but that I had memorized the stories, and was telling them and also making things up to add to the pictures, and inventing stories of my own.

My theatre career has included Broadway National Tours, Regional Theatres, Television and Film. I'm the author of a one-woman show called "Two Wings to Heaven," about the black aviatrix, Bessie Coleman and I am one of the "Group of 33" who contributed essays to the best-selling book (Wall Street Journal), The Big Moo, edited by Seth Godin.

I teach storytelling, music and drama workshops to students and adults and am the conductor for the new Young People's Chorus at the Alexander Hamilton Academy in Patterson, NJ. Sometimes, I even get to hang out with my husband, Michael Edson and our two cats, Tuey and L.C.

Artist's Statement

Stories are for everyone.

A satisfying story gives you something to
chew on, think about. They can make you giggle,
make you shiver, make you cry, make you fall in love,
make you want to holler and go a marchin'. And when they're good
you want to hear them again and again. Some stories can resonate so deeply. Even when they are translated into different languages, they still make us smile or weep. Those are the stories I love, being able to find that common thread for each of us to share. Making connections is why I love telling stories.

I tell multicultural stories, especially African and African American stories. My stories come from a variety of sources; folktales, fairytales, legends, historic events and accounts. I also tell original stories. If you don't see the program that will work for your event, I'd be happy to put one together that suits
your audience. Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

Happy Telling, Everyone!