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As an actress, singer, writer and teaching artist with over 25 years of experience, I take great delight in entertaining children of all ages with joyful and educational stories rich in history and culture.

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April Armstrong storytelling in Jamaica April Armstrong storytelling in Jamaica

Offering Storytelling and Professional Singing Services throughout the New York City Metropolitan Area (Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey and Long Island).

Tell me a story!
Let me dream.
Let me walk with kings
and dine with queens.
Let me swim in the ocean of images and words,
floating on my back so that
I can taste the bluest of skies.
Caress me the curiosity of white puffy clouds and
lead me to a mountain full of wild flowers
And wild things that sing and dance
to a tune I've never before heard.
Take me to the edge, dangle me by my feet,
then sweep me up on a magic carpet of
mischief and courage.
Carry me back, gently down the rainbow side,
surrounded by
The company of afternoon shadows.
And then,
I, too will have a story to tell.

- A poem by April
(copyright 2013)